Natural Beauty Tips for Face

Natural Beauty Tips For Face | People use expensive-expensive skin care products to make the face white, which are harmful to sensitive skin. But today we will teach you to create some "natural beauty tips for face" packs that work like magic on the face.

Natural Beauty Tips For Face
Natural Beauty Tips For Face

Everybody wants to look beautiful and fair. Gorepan's craze is not only seen in women but also in men. Due to dark spots and pigmentation on face, face faces appear. Because of dirt and pollution, the face shine is likewise scratched. Using them, some days the effect is seen on the face, but later the color of the face becomes like that.

Natural Beauty Tips Face skin tone bright - Milk cream

Malai has natural nutrition and mineral, which makes skin tone bright. To make this pack, blend 0.5 spoon squeeze of turmeric in 1 spoon of cream and put it on the face. After 15 minutes, clean the face by scouring the pack by putting light water on the face. Do this twice in a week.

Natural Beauty Tips effective on sensitive skin Tomatoes and lemons

Add a few drops of lemon juice to tomato pulp. At that point put it on the face and dry it. Wash the face later. This pack is highly effective on sensitive skin.

Natural Beauty Tip for removing the blackness - Gram flour and curd

Mix the gram flour and curd to remove the blackness of the face. After 15 minutes, clean the face and wash it with water. This causes the facial pores to be cleared from inside and the face starts to scratch.

Beauty Tips for dead skin - Orange Peel Powder

To make this pack first, grind dry orange peels and make powder. Mix brown sugar and rose water at that point. Put it on the face and wash the face with water afterward. By doing this your dead skin will get out, the face will be perfect and the skin will start shining.

Beauty Tips for making face white - Sandal powder

There is no answer for sandal powder in making the face white, add half a pinch of turmeric and 4 drops almond oil in sandalwood powder. After this, bland the pack and put it on the face. It will feed the face and remove dark spots and return the face color.


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