Essay on Christmas

In this article you will read, Essay on Christmas, Christmas is a religious and cultural Christian festival celebrated every year to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ.

Essay on Christmas

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Essay on Christmas

Christmas essay 1

Christmas is a big festival celebrated by the people in the winter season.  Everyone enjoy a cultural holiday on this day.  All governmental and non-governmental organizations (such as schools, colleges, universities, educational institutions, training centers, offices, etc.) are closed on this day.  People celebrate this festival with great enthusiasm and lots of preparation and decoration.  It is celebrated every year on the 25th of December.  It is known as the Feast of Christ and is celebrated in honor of the birth of the birth of Jesus Christ.  It is a day of great importance for Christians.

Christmas essay 2

Christmas is a major festival of the year and is also known as the Feast of Christ.  It is celebrated annually by everyone, especially Christians.  It is the birth anniversary of the great Jesus Christ, considered by the people of Christianity as the son of God.  It is a cultural holiday that everyone enjoys.  It is celebrated every year on the 25th of December as Christmas Day.  It is a day of great importance for Christians.  People's preparations and church decorations, houses, etc. A few days before the event celebration. The Christmas celebration begins in about four weeks before Christmas and ends on the 12th day of Christmas for Christians.  It is celebrated all over the world as a religious and traditional festival.  The tradition of celebrating Christmas varies from region to region.  There is the gift of distribution gifts, Christmas cards, feast, Christmas carols and singing songs, etc.

Essay on Christmas

Christmas essay 3

Christmas is a very important festival for Christians though celebrated by people of other religions around the world.  It is an ancient festival celebrated for years in the winter season.  It falls on 25th of December every year.  It is celebrated on the birthday of Jesus Christ.  It has a great tradition of distributing gifts by Santa Claus to everyone in the family members in the middle of Christmas night.  Santa arrives at everyone's house at night and presents all the funny gifts for the kids, especially for the kids.  The children eagerly wait for this day and Santa's gifts. They ask their parents when Santa will come and finally finish their wait at midnight at 12 o'clock to be made with lots of gifts.

There is also a tradition of giving gifts such as sweets, chocolates, greeting cards, Christmas trees, decorative items, etc. to family members, friends, relatives and neighbors.  People start preparing early this month with great enthusiasm.  Everyone enjoy a Christmas holiday by singing, dancing, partying, and meeting with each other.  Christians celebrate this festival on the birth anniversary of the founder of Christianity, Jesus Christ.  People believe that Jesus Christ was sent to earth to save mankind.

Christmas essay 4

Christmas is celebrated all over the world every year on the 25th of December by people, especially people of Christianity.  It is celebrated on the birth day of Jesus Christ, the Christian who founded Christianity.  Christmas comes every year though winter season, people celebrate it with lots of joy, activities and happiness.  It is one of the most important festival of the year to celebrate the Christian which they do with lots of preparations.  The festivities begin a month in advance and the celebration ends 12 days after Christmas.

Essay on Christmas

To this day, people have invited a Christmas tree to decorate, their friends, relatives and neighbors to enjoy and distribute gifts.  Santa Claus arrives every household on this day in the middle of the night at 12 o'clock and secretly keeps wonderful gifts for the children in their homes.  Children become very happy in the morning by getting their own gift of choice.  All schools, colleges, universities, offices and other government and non-governmental organizations are closed on this day.  Everyone enjoys it as a Christmas holiday by doing lots of activities throughout the day.

People enjoy a big dinner party called feast.  They prepare lots of delicious dishes, sweets, fruits, nuts, etc. at the dinner table.  Everyone wear colorful attire, dance, sing, party and have fun doing other adventurous activities.  To this day, Christians pray to their God, confess about all their sins and sufferings, sing sacred songs and meet each other with love.

Christmas essay 5

Christmas is a great festival of joy and happiness.  It is celebrated every year on the 25th of December in the winter season, on the birthday of Jesus Christ Faith (founder of Christianity).  It is celebrated as Christmas Day to commemorate and honor Jesus Christ.  People enjoy the Christmas holiday all through the day by dancing, partying, singing and going out of the house for dinner.  It is celebrated by people of all religions, especially Christians.  Wear new and colorful dress on this day and enjoy it a lot.  Everyone goes to one's house to exchange each other's wishes and wishes and gifts through 'Merry Christmas' dialect.

Essay on Christmas

Christian people begin a lot of preparations on this occasion at least a month in advance.  On this day, houses, offices, churches, etc. are cleaned;  White washed and nicely decorated markets using paper flowers, natural flowers, scenery, paintings, looking glasses, wall buntings, etc. are also decorated to look attractive and we market Christmas cards, gift items, scenery,  Can see full of toys, etc.  People enjoy decorating their homes with Christmas trees in the center of the house.  They load the Christmas tree with lots of gift items like chocolate, candy, balloons, dolls, birds, flowers, lights, etc. to make it bright and beautiful.

Christians pray for their Lord Jesus Christ, confess before God to overcome their sins and sufferings, sing sacred songs, and exchange gifts among friends, relatives, family members, neighbors, etc.  Lots of them arrange a big feast including delicious dishes in the dinner which are served to all the people.  After the feast everyone enjoy music, dance and sing at night.  It is a festival of great enthusiasm and joy which is enjoyed by all over the world.

Essay on Christmas

Christmas essay 6

Christmas is a festival of great importance for Christians although it is celebrated by people of other religions as well.  It is celebrated every year with great joy, happiness and enthusiasm like other festivals around the world.  It falls every year on the 25th of December in the winter season.  Christmas day is celebrated on the anniversary of Jesus Christ.  On 25th of December, Jesus Christ Joseph (father) and Mary (mother) were born in Bethlehem.

All houses and churches are cleaned, washed white and decorated with colorful lighting, scenery, candles, flowers, and lots of other decorative things.  Everyone gets together (whether they are poor or rich) and enjoy this festival with lots of activities.  People have a Christmas tree in the middle of their house on this day.  They decorate it with electric lights, gift items, balloons, colorful flowers, toys, green leaves and other materials.  The Christmas tree looks very attractive and beautiful.  People invite their friends, relatives and neighbors to join the celebration in front of the Christmas tree.  People sing together to dance, distribute gifts, and enjoy eating delicious food.

Essay on Christmas

People of Christianity pray to God.  They confess their sins and sufferings to their Jesus Christ. People sing sacred songs in praise of their Lord Jesus.  Later they distribute Christmas gifts to their guests and children.  There is a trend of giving Christmas greetings or other beautiful Christmas cards to friends and relatives.  Everyone is involved in the celebration of Christmas Feast and eat delicious dinner with family members and friends.  The housemates very eagerly wait for this day as they get lots of gifts and chocolates.  The celebration of Christmas also takes place on the 24th of December, meaning the day before students go to school wearing Santa costumes or Christmas hats.

People enjoy this festival late night by dancing and singing at the party or at the mall and restaurants.  People of Christianity worship their God, Jesus Christ.  It is believed that Jesus (the son of God) was sent to the people on earth to save his life and to save him from his sins and gloom.  People of Christianity celebrate this Christmas festival to remember the great works of Jesus and to give lots of love and respect.  It is a public and religious holiday when almost all government and non-governmental organizations are closed.

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