Green Tea Can also be Harmful

Of course, green tea has many benefits for health, but excessive consumption can also be harmful to you. Know how many cups of green tea will be good for you.

Most people consider green tea to be very beneficial in health. Therefore, they take green tea sips several times throughout the day. But do you know that the high consumption of green tea can be harmful to health? At times, consuming good things can spoil your health. Consuming five to six cups of green tea a day can cause problems. Green tea contains caffeine, so drinking it too much can lead to the sleeping disorder. Green tea is considered to help reduce weight, so people think that drinking more green tea will reduce their weight as soon as possible, which is completely wrong. Learn about the side effects caused by excessive intake of green tea.

Green Tea Can also be Harmful

Green tea Caffeine

The caffeine present in green tea may cause side effects. Although green tea does not contain a lot of caffeine, drinking more green tea in a day can cause symptoms like restlessness, heart rate irregularity, insomnia problem, anxiety, irritability. These symptoms can be seen early in those who are not addicted to high amounts of caffeine. By reducing the amount of green tea, you can avoid these symptoms.

Green tea Stomach upset

When green tea is not mixed properly with hot water, stomach problems may occur. While making green tea, it should be kept in mind that green tea water should not be boiled at all, otherwise when you add tea to that hot water, it can cause acidity which can cause stomach upset and chest irritation.

Green tea Iron deficiency

Green tea absorbs iron, which can cause iron deficiency in the body. Therefore, people who suffer from anemia should be cautious while drinking green tea. To avoid this effect, you can take green tea in between meals or mix lemon juice in it.

Green tea Allergies

Some people may notice some allergy symptoms due to drinking too much green tea. These symptoms can be of some type such as breathlessness, swelling of face, lips and tongue.

Green tea In pregnancy

Green tea contains caffeine and tannic acid, which can be harmful during pregnancy. Therefore, women should avoid drinking green tea in the early days of pregnancy because the baby is prone to birth defects in the neural tube (brain and spinal cord).

Green Tea Can also be Harmful

Green tea Kidney stone

Oxalic acid is found in abundance in green tea which may cause kidney stones. The combination of calcium, uric acid and amino acid Christine with phosphate and oxalic acid causes kidney stones.

Those suffering from kidney problems, heart disease, psychological problems, and stomach ulcer problems should be cautious before drinking green tea. Excess intake of green tea can harm the body instead of benefiting it.

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